Excellent by nature

Jarkop Sp. z o. o., a quartz sands mine, is currently a highly regarded supplier of rinsed and dried quartz sands with only Polish capital. Sand deposits, the natural parameters of which are at a very high level, are extracted and refined at a modern processing plant, the result of which is a market-valued raw material.

Sand is repeatedly rinsed and cleaned in cyclones and various types of separators, and then separated into fractions and dried up. The entire process is supervised by our employees, who control the sand quality at the factory laboratory and make sure that our customers receive exactly the product they expect and of the highest quality.

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One of our undisputable advantages is the speed of reaction and decision making. As a family-run business with a simple business structure, we always invite our customers to our company, where we make the most important decisions for us and our customers

In 2009 the construction of the S5 national road began near our site. Landowners who were farmers decided to use their lands for a sands mine as their crops were getting weaker in this area every year. As a result, the first heavy-duty equipment appeared in the area of today’s quartz sands mine and the first openings were commenced. During the deposit exploitation it turned out that these lands may contain something much more valuable than ordinary construction sands.

The owners began to carry out research, and a specialist laboratory conducted several dozen boreholes in the area of the mine at depths of up to 30 metres. The results left no doubt – we have something special. Who would have thought that the land that has been in the family since the previous generation contains deposits of such a valuable mineral. After doing research on the industry and the domestic and European markets, the decision to construct a quartz sand processing plant was made and so our history began.